Free language-queries service

At Hermes Traducciones, we have great respect for our main working language: Spanish. Furthermore, as a benefactor member of the Fundación pro Real Academia Española and Fundéu-BBVA, we feel an obligation to keep our language as healthy as possible in order to preserve its rich cultural heritage and improve it in so far as we can.

We therefore provide a free consultation service through which translators or the general public can send us any queries, suggestions or contributions. Our team of language specialists and translators will do everything they can to provide information to help clarify your questions.

Because of our heavy workload and the number of queries we receive, the time we take to reply may vary, but we will try to reply as quickly as possible.

You can send any queries by e-mail to For the purposes of compiling statistics, we would ask you to include the following information in your message: your personal details, the company for which you work (if applicable) and your profession. It will be our pleasure to try to help you.