management and quality

In-house management and production teams

Thanks to our in-house resources, we are able to maintain management and production teams that work together to satisfy the complex needs of our customers’ projects.

One of our characteristics is the large volume of translations we produce internally – about 80% – as a result of the synergy of our management and production teams and the fact that, in so far as is possible, the same team is assigned to the same customer or to similar projects for the same customer.

Our translations go through a revision process carried out by somebody other than the translator. Furthermore, when the characteristics of the text make it necessary, they also go through a review stage to adapt the translation to the target audience. For further information, see Standardisation.

Because our production and management environment is networked, along with our translation memories, glossaries and dictionaries, we are able to achieve greater synchronisation between the style and terminology of different translators working on the same project. The following diagram illustrates an example of how our internal team is specifically set up:


Sometimes, because of the needs of our customers’ projects or because we have a high workload, we work with external translators, in which case we try to make as few changes as possible to our structure by integrating them into our teams. When working with external translators, our configuration is something like this:

Large volume of internal production. About 80% of our translations are produced internally and are the result of the synergy of our management and production teams.

Network integration. Our management and production teams work together to ensure maximum effectiveness for each project.