management and quality

Management & Quality

Hermes Traducciones is fully committed to quality. That is why our company, through its managing director, participated in the drafting of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN-15038), and was appointed by other companies in our industry to be responsible for the Spanish committee, in collaboration with the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) and the Spanish Association of Translation Companies (ACT). Our managing director, Juan José Arevalillo, is currently the chairman of AENOR’s National Technical Committee 174, which drafted the European standard and is working on the future international ISO standard in the ISO TC37 committee.

Hermes Traducciones has therefore adapted its internal procedures and its management system to enable certification through the ISO-17100 and ISO-9001 standards for translation services.

In addition to its own revision and review procedures, Hermes Traducciones applies the LISA QA Model standard for translation assessment, which includes several quality-control processes for translations that are compatible with the ISO 9000 standard. Similarly, internally we also apply the SAE J2450 standard for translation assessment, which is commonly used in the automotive industry.

In accordance with the ISO-17100 standard, everything translated by Hermes Traducciones is given at least a thorough revision by a reviser or reviewer other than the original translator. In the case of long projects, or those involving various translators, all translations are read and revised by one of the other translators working on the same project, thus ensuring maximum consistency in style and the best possible translations.

All these processes are registered in our quality- and productivity-control information system, both of which are necessary in order to contrast the work undertaken by each translator and, consequently, the capacity of our company.