Language Services


Unlike in most translation firms, most of what Hermes Traducciones produces (70-80%) is done by in-house staff. This enables us to control the quality of our production more closely, and the physical presence of project managers, translators and revisers allows us to work together as a team.
The professional profile is completely compliant with the requirements of the EN-15038 quality standard. Our staff must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Degree in Translation and Interpreting or a language degree.
  • Another degree and two years’ documented experience in translation.
  • No degree, but at least five years’ documented professional experience in translation.

Candidates must go through a demanding selection process before being hired. Once they join the company, they are given in-house or external training (approximately 50-60 hours per year as an average), according to the needs of their position, in software (for example, computer-assisted translation software and specific localisation software) and procedures (for example, exhaustive knowledge of quality and performance measurement procedures), and they always receive continuing professional training customised to their annual objectives as part of our quality procedures.

Our customers and service providers like to put faces to the names that appear in their daily exchange of e-mail messages or phone calls so that they can know the person with whom they are communicating better and feel that they have a close professional relationship. Furthermore, our staff exist and are real, and it is our pleasure to prove that this is the case.