Language Services


Mission statement

Hermes Traducciones is very proud of its staff and of the individual and group characteristics that we try to provide. That is why we seek for the materialisation of a set of common values that enable us to confront challenges together, in unison.

Our values include:

Total respect for the target language: our translations are not done industrially, but take into account the potential readers. In so far as is possible, we use an appropriate style, avoiding source-language contaminations and respecting the grammatical rules of the target language. Our texts are translated by translators whose mother tongue is the target language and who are in close contact with the day-to-day use of their language.

As a benefactor member of the Fundación pro Real Academia Española and Fundéu-BBVA, and as language professionals, we believe it is our duty to promote the use of as correct a form of Spanish as possible and to treat the language with the respect required by its speakers and readers.

Horizontal structure: the purpose of our internal open-door policy is to improve our organisational operations, which is why we only keep those hierarchies that are absolutely necessary.

Teamwork spirit: because we are all rowing in the same direction, the efforts made by one person serve to support the efforts of all the others. We are open to any ideas and suggestions that can add some kind of value to our work, because we aim to boost our translators’ motivation and their confidence in themselves and in their team.

Commitment to quality: our commitment to quality is beyond question. This commitment has led us to participate in many forums and committees related to quality. Our managing director even participated in the international committee that produced the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN-15038). Furthermore, our company has the quality certifications EN-15038 and ISO-9001, which covers all our internal operational procedures. For more information, see our Quality statement.

Commitment to the industry: we believe in our industry and its importance as a cultural vehicle, a linguistic mediator and a mediator of internationalisation. We therefore participate in those events that promote the above, with the objective of bringing the academic and business worlds closer together. Changes should be seen as an opportunity and a challenge rather than a threat, as well as an excellent opportunity for innovation and a challenge to update and improve one’s professional and business profile.

Customer satisfaction: all our efforts should focus on keeping our customers satisfied. Our response capacity, spirit of partnership and flexibility should form the foundations of our close corporation with our customers, which is, after all, our fundamental goal.

Defined values. We have a business culture that aims to guarantee a collaborative working environment at all times in order to ensure one thing: quality.